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Friday, May 13, 2005


The first issue of the Gateway in three years that I had no input into hit the stands yesterday, and while I thought my reaction would be one of vague nostalgia and regret, instead it was one of amazement—at how quickly I've stopped caring. I read the first half of the first article, chastised Dave for the errors I found, and then gave it to some stranger at the Black Dog who was really, really excited about the fact that I was holding a Gateway for some reason. I thought of picking up another one, but never got around to it.

Everyone who left before me always told me what a relief it was being free of the pseudo-professionalism and ridiculous office politics, but they hated the paper long before they ever left (not that I didn't, necessarily, but it was still kind of a loving hate), so I figured it would be a little different for me. Nope, though, not in the least. In fact, I feel kind of lame for even writing about it. Go figure.


Anonymous Christopher said...

Was just left the address and thought I'd poke my head in. I like the colour palette!

I'm a writer that Chris complains about and wanted to wish you two the best on your trip.

Wow. Does this ever feel like the upstairs neighbour that crashes the housewarming party... Who didn't bring beer but mooches yours all night while hitting on your friends.

Swing by illliterati on blogspot when you get the chance. I promise to update it as soon as I remember my login name and password.

2:04 AM

Anonymous collin said...

Excuse me, but I think you meant Kristine. Ahem. Oh My.
That's all I've got, but I'll leave you all with a couple of topics for discussion.
Weezer... Sellouts?
Corey Perry... Kevin Lowe's Alamo?
The High Level Bridge... High? Level?

C-Dog in Med hizzo

3:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some discussion:

Weezer... Not sellouts, but overated? I'm tired of reading how good Pinkerton is/was and how these emo-whimpsters really like it.

Corey Perry... The good news is that Rob Schremp looks good.

High Level Bridge? ... High and indeed level.

As for the Gateway thing, I agree with the not caring. Suddenly, things like dailies giving away free papers on campus, student government, and tuition stories are very boring. I'm remember caring really hard when I was at the Varsity and now it's already poo, more so. I've maybe read 4-5 articles in a campus paper in 2 years. That's not to say it wasn't fun, though. I remember that time Neal came into the newsroom holding a water bottle like it was his penis, squirting water everywhere like jizz: "EwwwuaaaaHHH!!" That was awesome.

(Ch)Kris, any election predictions?

~Mike W

12:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weezer. . . have become this year's Fountains of Wayne. They deserve money, but not like this.

Corey Perry. . . is a footnote on the most bizarre trade in hockey that never happened. Rob Schremp is a minor leaguer with a big league attitude. If he pans out, Lowe better get a big, dumb puncher to play left wing and keep him alive.

High Level Bridge. . . I'm not convinced on either count.

Student Papers. . . for the most part, a place to hone bad habits. It's kind of amazing how nuts they can make you, though. Junbar, etc. Still, since I hold no kindness in my heart for either of the universities I attended, I consider the G-let and the G-way my alma mater(s).


1:17 PM

Blogger Chris! said...

Weezer... once good, now exhausted, but I think my review of the new album says it for me: http://www.vueweekly.com/articles/default.aspx?i=2061 (scroll to bottom)

Corey Perry... man, what was Lowe thinking with that whole, "Hey Comrie, pay me and I'll trade you" shit. Perry would have been nice, but like Mikey said, Schremp looks pretty promising--and let's not forget about Woywitka! WHOO! MEDIOCRE!!

High Level Bridge... tear it the fuck down and build another that can actually handle the amount of traffic that uses it. Edmonton's getting too big for a two-lane, 100-year-old buggy-and-train bridge to serve its main arterial roadway. But yeah, I guess it's pretty level. And high.

Student papers... man, seeing all that Yewchuk-esque feelings-are-more-important-than-making-a-credible-paper bullshit resurface last year killed what little emotions regarding the Gateway were still left in me. It's amazing that all the things I thought were REALLY BIG DEALS seem so inconsequential to me now. But as some of you have said, I still hold some fond memories--of the friends I made, not the job itself.

Election predictions... I think I'll do a post on this and start a new thread.

3:42 PM


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