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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Good call on that Dose cover, Chris. I can't remember what exactly it said or looked like, but it definitely had something to do with Belinda Stronach. And possibly orgasms. What, you think I read that crap? Speaking of which, I just went to Dose's website to see the cover, which doesn't exist online, since the website is an entirely separate entity from the publication, apparently. Not that I blame it, really. Anyway, so I typed the word "cover" into their search engine, and, since there were no results, it gave me the top local searches, which included, among other, more obvious things, "decadance" (maybe that's a bar that I've just never heard of?), "good sex," "a lost moose in Edmonton," and, my personal favourite, "Pearl Jam." Seriously, what the fuck? This means that substantial numbers of people have been going on the Dose website and typing "Pearl Jam" into the Edmonton page's search engine.

On an entirely unrelated note, I read a CBC online article about how the Queen called Regina her "home away from home" yesterday. Do you think she just feels obligated to call it that, since the name of the city's "Regina"? Also, I love how every person who has ever written a news article about the Queen feels it necessary to describe exactly what she's wearing. Yesterday, she was wearing a biege rain poncho and a red velvet hat trimmed with black lace! Everything I ever read about the royal family (that isn't outright critical) always has this vague condescending tone to it, like, "Awwww, isn't that cute? Look at the little Queenie with her rain poncho!" Like she's some kind of curiosity or something. It's strange. And vaguely erotic.


Blogger Biff Johanssen said...

Duh... Pearl Jam's coming to Edmonton. Also, Decadence was (and might still be) a shitty bar downtown near Chez Pierre.

Work is boring. I'm eating fruit cocktail from a can.

10:22 AM

Blogger Chris! said...

Actually, Thomas, I think the Decadance referred to is that vintage clothing store on Whyte by American Apparel. But I have no clue why people think that tiny little place would have a website. They don't even have interac.

Also, the only thing more retarded than Dose the newspaper is Dose the website.

4:34 PM


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