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Monday, May 23, 2005

Uh ... yeah.

Don't forget about the teaser on the front page of the supplement that said "The care and feeding of a Queen," Chris. This just further proves my point about everyone thinking the Queen is some kind of exotic animal. Actually, scratch that. I imagine this is more like how the British treated the natives of various parts of empire who they would kidnap and bring to London.

Anyway, we're. totally. going. to. Europe. in. two. days. oh. my. God.

In other news, I found out today that I have, indeed, been accepted into Laval for their month-long summer French immersion program. This is cool, since I've been waiting for almost two months to hear from them, but also makes me sad. As I was explaining to Chris earlier, my two biggest irrational fears are Ebola (which, it turns out, has turned up again in Congo) and going places where I don't know anyone. I know, I know—it's really, really retarded. I guess calling it a "fear" isn't exactly accurate, actually—I just tend to avoid it at all costs. Like how I was going to go to U of T for university, but decided it would be "cheaper" to stay in Edmonton. And how I was going to go to Cortona in second year, but decided I'd "rather" stay and work at the Gateway.

I'm still subconsciously trying to find excuses not to go, but at least this time I realize what I'm doing.

So if you talk to me in August and discover that I didn't go, please, punch me in the face.


Anonymous Baz Fuhrman said...

When you're in Europe be sure to see the queen. Or better yet, tell everyone that you've already seen the queen! I think it would provide a new perspective.
I saw the Commonwealth ceremony highlights on the news, and I think that we can all agree that Alberta, while topping itself, has taken the off-ramp to Loser Avenue and punched the gas.
Shouldn't a centennial be more than children holding ribbons?
This was the real desperate housewives at play. In St. Albert it's not about sexual discontent and suburban seeminess. It's about centennial planning and throwing together bids on the 2013 Western Canadian Summer Games.
Also, how boring must it be to have the 5000th highway renamed in your honour? Granted, it's a different kind of boring than most of us are used to, but sort of a shoulder shrugger all the same.
Ralph Klien needed a week off to prepare for this?

1:34 AM


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