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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Chris is letting me post!!!

So you're all probably getting pretty sick of hearing what Chris has to say, hey? Well, sorry about my lack of posts, everyone. I, uh, take a long time getting ready in the mornings, so I figured letting Chris play around on his "blog" would keep him amused. Also, I've been really sick the last couple of days.

But hey! I'm not anymore! And we're in Paris and things! We took this strange "train under the ocean" to get here--it was neat. Our hotel is quite nice, which makes me very happy that we decided not to stay at Peace and Love (the incredibly horrible sounding hostel we had booked previously). Our hotel is right by the Bastille monumemt, in an area that's known for its trendy shopping (which we've already taken advantage of) and nightlife (which we haven't, since I've been really lame for the last little while).

We did, however, go to a cafe last night where we saw several people order a dish that consisted of a cow's leg bone, cut in half, with bread to eat the marrow with. Very strange. And, therefore, very French.

Anyway, it's kind of cool being here, at least for me, since I haven't been since I was twelve and barely remember it. I don't really have a good impression of the city yet, but it seems pretty "rad," as the French say. Although not as rad as London, right Dave? It's also been fun being reminded of how terrible our French is as we refuse to just give in and speak English to everyone--it makes me scared of living in Quebec City for a month. Uh, yeah. Chris just told me I "should wrap it up soon," whatever that means. We're off to the Eiffel Tower now, and then the Louvre. More totally rad updates to follow.

Oh, also: sorry Dave. I don't have my Canadian Oxford Dictionary on me, but I'll take your word for it. I guess we were the ones doing it wrong all year. Duh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

England might have been nice only because all the jerks are in Alberta. I watched 10 British army soldiers punch each other into exhaustion last night at the bar.
All in all, I think you're better off in Paris.
Let's get you caught up with what else is happening in the good old western hemisphere.
Yesterday, a young offender took local police on a two hour chase through downtown MedHat, which left a half-inch deep gash running down my street after a tire was shot out. It almost ended when the guy ran into a train embankment -- blowing up the car near a hazardous material tanker car. Undeterred by the 20 police cars chasing him, he carjacked a farmtruck and drove at 150km/h down the wrong side of the Trans-Canada Highway. The pigs brought in military helicopters (bless those Brits) and corralled him near Brooks.
That's my North American update.
Oh yeah, something about Deep Throat, Liberals still jerks, price of stamps to rise by one-cent, and Edmonton is changing its name to Gretzkyville.


1:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Collin didn't mention more about Deep Throat. Yeah, you see, the guy who brought down Nixon finally revealed his identity, which is all fine and interesting to journalists and all that, but far more importantly, it has a lead to a raft of well-meaning headlines that nonetheless sound hilarious (not including, of course, Dose's beating the obvious "blows" joke to its resting place six feet below the ground).

My favourite was this one from ABC news: "Bush Anxious to Learn More of Deep Throat." Ha ha! I don't know whether to piss myself laughing or masturbate. Perhaps both.

Also, more importantly, have fun in Paris. It's so much better than London.

--Dave (Berry)

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that the people in my office new of Deep Throat, the whistleblower, but not many of Deep Throat, the movie in which Linda Lovelace has a clitoris in the back of her throat.
People here are dim, or perhaps just not just big patrons of the arts.
There was a funny article on Yahoo News about how G Gordon Liddy said that this Felt character breached his professional ethics by ratting out Liddy's burglary.
It's nice to hear Nixon being referred to as a criminal again. His coffin came with a fresh can of whitewash.
Still, I can't believe there's a debate about whether Felt did the right thing -- only in George Bush's America.


2:32 PM

Blogger Ladysir said...

Silly Kristine, that Euro-sickness has gone to the translating portion of your head.

The French don't say "rad." They say "genial" (except picture a little accent on the "e.")--which is obviously totally less rad, and possibly an inaccurate translation courtesy of wordreference.com.

3:44 PM


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