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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hopefully, there are some photos under this


Anonymous Crammit said...

That was a valiant effort!

Dudes, I saw Mos Def at the Harbourfront Centre CIBC stage which is outside, right at the lakeshore. It was simply the best show I've seen/heard in a long long time. It blew Snoop Dogg out of the fucking water, but that's no feat because Snoop Dogg was easily the WORST show I've seen maybe EVER. He spent the whole time trying to get the crowd to bounce their hands up and down, and to sing all of his lyrics for him. Only nobody was complying. It was so painful watching the Deagle-Double-G pretty much beg people to start rocking out the whole time. He should stick to making movies and raps with Dr. Dre where his lines are written for him. Anyways, back to Mos Def, the guy had the whole crowd standing on their seats and fucking screaming in applause to his amazing raps. Even when I couldn't understand a word he was saying, the sounds he was making were the fuckin bees knees. I have to say he is one of the rare performers who is more entertaining live than on his recordings.

Hey Mikey, thanks for the satelite photo of your new place! It's perfect for planning a horrible kamikaze attack on your apartment. And what's with that weird brownish green haze that hangs around just outside your door? Here's a satellite photo of my place if anybody wants to plan any car bombings on me and stuff:


9:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,

Christ I love www.maps.google.com with the "satellite" function toggled on. Sadly, Edmonton isn't very hi-res, another kick in the pants for my beloved hometown-that-could.

I heard the Mos-Def show was really good cuz people at work went to it, and the Harbourfront is pretty damn awesome. I'm typing this at work right now after spending the afternoon on the islands getting THE WORST SUNBURN OF MY LIFE. I had some sunscreen but only rubbed it on my nose, cheeks and chest, so now I look like a white-titted insane person who feel asleep in the sun with goggles on, or something.

Um, Tom Cruise? Bananas?

Here's something gay: http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/

~Mike W

8:51 PM


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