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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Little kids stealing things!

Well, since this may or may not be our last time posting during this trip, I figured I'd add something too so I could feel important (the last time I'll be able to do so until I go to Quebec--feel important, that is--at which point I'm sure you'll all want to follow my French-learning exploits intensely).

Anyway, the highlight of my day was almost getting pick-pocketed by a 10-year-old girl on the metro, who tried to reach into my purse, but luckily I had my hand on it so she couldn't. By that point she had already stolen someone else's bag, which an old Italian man tried to grab away from her before she ran away with it--all this before the doors closed at one station. Fascinating.

Despite this, I'm really loving Rome and don't particularly feel like going home. Sure, the sites we saw today were a tad on the touristy side, but it still fascinates me that you apparently can't walk around a corner here without running into some ancient ruin or medieval church--it's so unlike anywhere else in Europe, even Paris (sorry Dave, but I guess you shouldn't have spent so much time in France and checked out Italy for more than two days instead).

Anyway, I really don't have much to add to Chris's post: things were old and ruin-y, but still incredibly interesting. There really is nothing like wandering through the ruins of Caligula's palace and discovering a section of the marble floor tiles that's still perfectly intact.

But, sadly, I'm apparently running out of time here at this lovely internet cafe. Hopefully it won't start pouring on our way home like it did last night. And if we don't post again before we get home, hopefully we'll get to see some of you at Dave's barbecue on Saturday. If not, you suck.


Blogger enthrall said...

I may suck. But my heart will be there, mocking the jet-lagged and drinking heavily.

Anyone want to invent a trend that took Edmonton by storm while they were away? Parachute pants? Finger piercing? They'll believe anything with an 8-hour flight and some alcohol under their belts...

Have a safe trip back to Edmonton, where every landmark worthy of note is completely flammable!

4:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost feel bad doing this but I must acclimatize you back to North America, lest you be scalded upon re-entry.
We didn't want to say anything while you were strolling the "piazzas" and "boulevards," but Klein has taken complete control in a bloodless coup. Ron's head in on a pike out by Leduc and the Raj Panu was literally drawn and quartered at the intersection of Calgary Trail and Whyte. It was surprisingly boring.
The Oilers ditched the Roadrunners, Bill Smith was arrested for contravening the Canada Wheatboard Act, fires blaze as Mandel fiddles, rocket-skateboards are the new big thing, and suddenly middle aged men are buying red corvettes.
It's a mad house.

PS - Figure out which 1.5 things are true.

1:28 AM


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