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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

J'ai perdu une chemise!

I. Am. So. Retarded. It. Hurts. See, I bought Chris this really nice sweater on Saturday but decided that it was probably a size too small, so I went to centre-ville yesterday to exchange it. I then promptly proceeded to leave it on a restaurant patio, and now it's gone. (On the plus side, I just had what were probably my first two lengthy conversations in French with real live Québecois people who aren't my profs, when I called both the store and the restaurant to see if anyone had found it—they hadn't). This makes me very sad on several levels, namely the fact that I essentially just threw a large chunk of money in the garbage, and now I don't have a totally awesome present for Chris—and tomorrow's our two-year anniversary. Isn't that tragic? Come on, altogether now: awwwwwwwwwww ... . Anyway, it's not the end of the world, but I'm just really pissed off at my own stupidity at the moment.

Or, you know, not. I just got a call from the restaurant telling me they found it and I can come pick it up at my convenience. And they say people are rude in Québec City! (Or maybe that was just my grandma—I can't remember.)

Anyway, yeah. Really not all that much is new here. I got my first zero on a test since Math 10 the other day, though, so I've got that going on. (This isn't nearly as bad as it sounds—it was only 30 per cent of our midterm mark, and I got 100 per cent for the other 70, but still, it's a scary thing to see a giant zero on a test, especially when you were going around bragging about how easy it was the day before. Her comment was "Je croix que tu ne comprenais pas," and I was all like, "No doubt, bitch!" Only, uh, in French. So basically all my marks are hovering around 70 right now, which would be fine if that wasn't, like, a C here for some reason. But, again, I'm probably not going to get credit for this anyway, and I don't have to even if I can. So, you know.

Otherwise, I've basically been up to the usual: drinking every night, not getting enough sleep, hating people, etc. On Sunday night, that Jon guy I tried to go see Goldfinger with showed up on 8A (Laval's equivalent of three Henday, only way more awesome because we hang out there) with a gram of salvia, that (possibly) new, still-legal drug that I believe Ross Moroz wrote/is writing a feature on for Vue. Being a prissy snob, I, of course, didn't try any, but it was hilarious to watch everyone else totally freak out for the extremely short time the high lasts. Apparently it's like an entire mushroom high packed into two minutes—and for only $25 a gram! Apparently it also basically stops working after the first time you try it, so it's probably not worth the money, but hey—it provided an hour's worth of amusement, and it's legal, so why not? (I'm also probably totally wrong about everything I just said—this is just what the people who tried it told me, so don't go quoting me as some sort of salvia expert. Because, you know, you were totally going to otherwise.)

Uh, what else? Matt, Steph and I went to the Musée de la civilisation yesterday, which was pretty "hip." We saw quite a good exhibit on Québec's history, briefly wandered through a big Russian exhibit called Dieu, le tsar, et la révolution, and checked out the pretty typical Native exhibit. The highlight of this was a big sign that said, "What it means to be Aboriginal." Matt wanted to go check it out so he could finally understand the meaning of his life, so we went over, only to discover that all there was under the sign was a big display of various Native headdresses, including, for some reason, a mesh trucker hat. We then went to a restaurant called Faubourg de la Diable for dinner, where I temporarily lost Chris's sweater, and where we paid $22 (!) for a pitcher of Stella. This doesn't quite live up to the 11 Euros for the half pint in Paris, but it come pretty close by Canadian standards. Still, they redeemed themselves by finding that sweater, so I am, as Joanna would say, totally over it.

Speaking of Joanna, I've finally, permanently gotten her off my back. "How did you accomplish such an amazing feat, you incredibly sexy person, you?" you might ask. "Did you fight her? Did you spread a horrible rumour involving her, her dad, and a pretty serious case of AIDS?" No, believe it or not, I really didn't do anything. Instead, Nelson has, for some completely unknown reason, decided he (apparently) has a big crush on her instead of the Mexican girl he was dating before. He now spends basically all of his time with her, which was apparently all she was looking for from the beginning, which means she leaves the rest of us alone now. What happened to Nelson, I can only speculate.

Anyway, I guess that's about it. Strangely enough, I'm going to be home in a little over a week now, so I guess I'll see those of you still in Edmonton relatively soon. In the meantime, I'm going to do some homework, and then go check out Spain's entry in this huge international fireworks competition that's happening here over the next two weeks.

Did I mention this city is fucking rad?


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