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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pourquoi est-ce que vous ne m'aimez pas?

So, like, I know Chris is a way more interesting writer than I am and everything, but how come you guys always comment on his posts and never on mine? Is it because his are short and succinct while mine are unnecessarily verbose play-by-play accounts of my days? Is it because I use words like "verbose"? Either way, this makes me feel things. Things that hurt my heart. Maybe if I post shorter, more regular posts, you'll be more likely to read to the end. So check it out: two posts in two days!

Last night a bunch of us went to Les Grands Feux, a huge international fireworks competition between the totally random countries of Canada, Spain, China, Sweden, and Italy. Because we bought our tickets through the University, we got fantastic seats for $20 (or, in my case, $10, as they gave me $10 back for some reason—I wasn't going to ask). They were at La Chute-Montmorency, that huge waterfall near here that we visited in the pouring rain the day we went to Île d'Orléans. Needless to say, 30 minutes of incredibly elaborate fireworks (last night's competing country was Spain) against the backdrop of a giant waterfall emptying into the Saint Lawrence, accompanied by a live orchestra playing everything from Ode to Joy and Flight of the Valkyries to bad '80s synthesizer pop, was pretty impressive. There were also a lot of people who had kayaked or canoed up the river to an island just a few feet away from the waterfall who got to stand right under the fireworks and see the show for free, which I imagine made it even more impressive.

Last night was also one of the rare occasions here when I actually spoke French for an extended period of time and wasn't in class, as the only time they're even remotely strict about not speaking English is on the organized excursions (very different from doing this same program in a small town, from what I've heard). It was good practice to speak only French for three hours, but I realized by the end of the night that the longer I speak, the worse I get. Constantly thinking and translating and speaking in a language you're not very good at is exhausting, and after a while I'd completely given up on using the correct verb tenses, and had forgotten about half the words I'd known at the beginning of the night. It's strange, and kind of frustrating. And what did I learn from all this? Never try anything.


Blogger Chris! said...

Aww, I think you're interesting, baby!

Alright. That was your sympathy comment. If not enough people are responding, clearly you just need to be writing more about cats eating peoples' faces off. That shit always gets the peanut gallery murmuring.

Also, after our time in Paris, I still have a really hard time picturing you speaking French to other people. But now, you probably speak better French than me. Man, I'm the least French French-guy in the world.


3:52 PM

Blogger Kristine said...

Are you implying I spoke French badly when we were in Paris? You're fired. Also, nice photo.

4:36 PM

Blogger enthrall said...

J'ai essayé de parler francais dans ma dernière réponse, puis j'ai reçu aucune réponse de ni K ni C... Pour encourager les réponses des autres, il faut aussi repondre a leurs réponses!


Wow. Was that as awkward as it looked? My French needs a medic!

8:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey lady, i responded to a post two or three posts back, so don't feel too neglected. and maybe we aren't posting because ours lives are much less exciting than your quebec trip, ie. i spend my free time reading your blog, while you drink 40's at various historically significant locations.

oh wait, on saturday chris dingman from the tampa bay lightning punched me in the head. i guess thats kind of exciting.

ps- nobody should cheer for the tampa bay lighting ever again. they are a bunch of girl hitters.


10:10 AM

Anonymous steve-dave said...

i don't commment cause there's too much french.. trop de Français me rend nauséabond.

3:08 PM


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