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Friday, July 29, 2005


Don't worry, I'm not slipping from my policy of titling my posts with ridiculously simple French phrases while I'm here—procrastination is a French word too. Anyway, three posts in three days: can you tell I have a shitload of homework I don't want to do? Also, thanks to Chris, other Chris, Katie, "Steve-Dave" and, uh, me for your comments—as Chris (Thrall) pointed out, maybe people will be more likely to continue commenting if I acknowledge their time and effort. So: you made my day. I don't know what I would have done without your guilt-induced comments.

In other news, I just talked to my mom, and she told me that my cell phone bill for this month (which still gets sent to my parents' house for some reason) is over $300. I guess I should have thought twice before deciding that I was too lazy to bother buying another phone card once my first one ran out, hey? So this information induced me to do some soul-searching, and I've realized, perhaps a little belatedly, that I probably can't keep up the same lifestyle I'm used to now that I'm not working (and won't be for the next year or so). Sad, I know, but true. I guess now I'll finally understand what it's like to, uh, have to walk three blocks to buy a phone card. It's a hard life, isn't it?

Not all that much is new here, besides the three written exams, report, oral exam, and two presentations I have to prepare for next week. Last night, Sean, Garrett, Matt and I went for some fantastic smoked meat sandwiches and then got drunk off bad Unibroue beer (I refuse to stick to the stuff I know I like, like Maudite, 1837, and Fin du Monde, because I'm trying to collect as many different bottles as I can before I leave, so I can then not bring them home since they're big and heavy and I have no room in my suitcase. A word of advice for those of you non-collectors out there, though: stay away from Trois Pistoles—the beer, not the place. Although probably the place too).

Also, I know this is probably the weakest post I've made so far, but I apparently have to run so I can see see Sakate (this crazy Newfie guy we've been hanging out with) pushing a shopping cart full of beer bottles that he's taking to the grocery store so he can cash them in for, like, $3. I'll most likely post again tomorrow, but no promises, you needy jerks. BYE!!!!!!


Blogger enthrall said...

Hey, if guilt means you'll talk about me and I'll be part of some anonymous cyber-community of people I don't otherwise know... bring on the guilt!

The trip sounds killer, Kris. Keep postin' - we'll keep readin'. And try to keep that Chris guy from writing anything, since he interrupts the elaborately constructed fantasy of living in Quebec that you detail so well...

Damn. More alcohol than I've had in far too long. Damn freelancing gigs - hey, Chris? Feel like sending me on some booze-intensive club reviews?

12:54 AM

Anonymous iain said...

Isn't that $3 in store credit? I remember those cool electronic machines at the Québec supermarkets that you fed your bottles into, and that then printed out a little store credit note instead of giving you any real cash. I always wound up with, like, a pocket full of $0.20 credit notes, since I didn't want to look like a homeless person by bringing in a bag worth of bottles all at once.

Also, I just can't get enough of Blanche de Chambly. In terms of a flavourful summer beer from Unibroue, it's the most awesomest. U2 is better than U, but not by much. I've never seen U or U2 out West, mind you.

1:02 AM

Anonymous Dave (Berry) said...

Freelancing stops you from drinking? I thought there was a two-drink minimum just to call yourself a writer.

Oh, also, uh, yay Quebec, or something. I don't believe you're going to curb your lifestyle one iota, Ms $700 apartment. But that's just me.

10:19 AM


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