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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Check it out! I can title my posts in English again!

Heeee-eeeey! So, yes, I am indeed still alive, despite the lack of posts for the last two or so weeks. I've just been so busy, uh, "seeing" all my "friends" since I got back that I haven't had a second of free time.

It's strange being back. The first few nights I kept waking up and assuming I was back in Québec, trying to find shoes to put on so I could go to the bathroom, or being freaked out when I got out of bed and stepped on carpet instead of dirty res floor. But, at the same time, it all feels so normal—nothing changed while I was gone, surprisingly enough, and despite my expectations, no one's life seems particularly irreversibly altered by the fact that I spent a month in Québec City (except possibly mine, but that doesn't really count). I actually got vaguely sad at Chris when, after I spent way too long showing him all 200 and some photos I took without bothering to take out the really terrible, blurry ones first, he didn't spend the next hour excitedly asking me questions about everything I did and everyone I met. It probably didn't help that my apartment was about 35 degrees at the time, either, but still ... .

Anyway, now that I've been back for a week it all kind of feels like a distant memory, which is sad. Still, though, I don't exactly wish I was still there—one more week of living like that and I probably would have died (or at least had to tone it down a little, which clearly wasn't going to happen as long as other people were still up for partying. Speaking of which, I think one of the most important things I learned while I was there was that I never, ever could have lived in res. Even when I was 18, the complete lack of privacy, the endless partying, keeping track of who's pissed off at who, the fact that I can't say no to people when they want me to come out and do something, and everyone constantly trying to have sex with everyone else would have eventually driven me insane). Anyway, despite vaguely feeling like I'd reverted back to high school most of the time I was there, it was totally worthwhile, and, believe it or not, I wasn't nearly as soul-suckingly miserable as I thought I was going to be (it's kind of funny looking back on how terrified I was about the whole thing—I'm sorry to everyone I bored to tears by obsessing endlessly about it before I left). Granted, I would have had a much worse time if I hadn't met those guys from Edmonton and had spent the whole trip hanging out with Joanna & Co., but I still would have survived. It sounds really obvious, but I actually had to do something like this to convince myself that I can, in fact, go do a semi-long-term thing by myself and still have a decent time.

So, all in all, Québec equaled awesome, but it's not all that bad being home, either. Except, of course, for the fact that my Whyte Ave coping mechanisms got turned off from lack of use while I was away, meaning last night (my first Friday night on Whyte since June) was a bit of a shock, to say the least. I went out with Katie, Molly, and Kasia to the Backroom Vodka Bar to see a friend of Molly's DJ, which was a lot of fun until we were walking home. See, we'd bought hot dogs from, uh, that place that I totally can't remember the name of for some reason (I was a little disappointed by the lack of fries on them, I have to admit), and we were walking along eating when some guy goes, "Hey, can I have a bite of your hot dog?" Obviously, we ignored him, so his girlfriend goes, "Fucking bitches!" and then he says, "Yeah, your ass is fat enough. I think you can spare a bite!" I'm not sure who this was aimed at, but it doesn't really matter. I really wanted to turn around and be like, "Does it make you feel better about yourself to degrade random girls on the street?" but then I clearly would have had to fight his girlfriend, which I wasn't really feeling up for.

Anyway, you come to expect a certain amount of guys yelling stupid things at you when you're a bunch of girls walking down Whyte (and this is by no means just a criticism of the guys, by the way—the girls are obviously equally as retarded), but come on—now we have to face being insulted just because some asshole's feeling a little insecure and needs to take it out on someone who isn't going to fight back? I hate to bring everything back to Québec, but while there were drunk people on the streets there, obviously, you just didn't see that kind of thing happen (or maybe it did all the time, but it was in French so we didn't understand it). Either way, I really hate that rowdy hicksville feeling to Whyte—by the time a city like Edmonton reaches a million people, shouldn't it have grown out of that whole small-town, I'm-cooler-than-you-because-I-can-yell-things-out-the-window-of-my-pickup-truck thing? Guess not. Oh, also, if you want an even better "idiots on Whyte Ave" story, ask Katie about getting punched in the head by Chris Dingman of the Tampa Bay Lightening for trying to pants him sometime.

Anyway, speaking of awesome things in Edmonton, I have to go get ready so Chris and I can go to West Ed. Stay tuned, though, because I'll be getting some photos from Québec up in the next couple of days. Oh, and before you go do anything else, make sure you check out the link in Chris's last post—terrifyingly hilarious. Or just possibly just regularly hilarious.


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Anonymous collin said...

Interesting points you make, Louis Warner 26425744, though I think you fail to make your strongest case. Understandably, timber could take on some reflux profit taking on the backside of a steel market bulge that's overextended. It's especially true here in good old North America thanks to Asian and new mainland Chinese market pressure, BUT tradition growth paterns tend not extend long into the second quarter after the top-end of the industry's high cycle.
Are we there yet? Debatable. But, a ground level opportunity??? I think not!!!
The capitlization of timber is as antiquated as grand-papa's buggy whip factory. Old Money, new profits? Enticing? Surely nothing to sneeze at, though short-lived, cyclical and -- in a similar vien -- harder to break into than a Vaser girl's servants' quarters. Ha Ha. I think you see my point.
Frankly, we're all slaves to those Chinese buggers, Mutant cedar trees or no mutant ceder trees.
Though I'd love to get one last kick in the gut unloaded upon the Notrh American consumer, and considering a host of the disparities in that nutty Ninjing-index, I've pushed my portfolio in a molybnium-heavy direction.
It's quite like what you've done, though substitute high tensile strength steel for nutty future trees.
Also, amongst your other bullshit, you mention that your super-trees are twice as strong as Balsa, which in my mond is the universal standard for weak, break-away wooden stage props. What gives? Huh, louiswarner26425744???


PS. Hi Kristine!! I'm starting to like this site better that Chris's Fag-o-Flames site. Keep up the investment chatter!

5:08 AM

Anonymous Steve-Dave said...

You call this a blog? Come on, ladies. I need something NEW to read.

11:13 AM

Blogger enthrall said...

Wow, Collin - I've never known anyone to READ those investment spam posts, let alone RESPOND. Well done - you're my new hero.

But I'm still going to hold on to this poster of Snagglepuss, just in case it turns out you have feet of clay.

12:54 PM


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