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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Infinite cats!

For those of you who haven't read the Globe and Mail article on the relationship between cats and blogs that can only be described as "humpy humpy" (posted by Leah in the comments section of my last post), check out www.infinitecat.com. It's cats looking at cats looking at cats looking at cats, and on into infinity. This photo brought tears to my eyes:


The last days of suburbia (The Walrus, November 2005)

Young patriotic fervour
Ideological warfare
Behind the cotton curtain
A tribute paid to reason

The second-last corporate retreat
Do the math
Warm fuzzy justice
Hubris in paradise

Wait, that sounds like an actual poem. That's what I get for reading the Walrus, I guess.


Blogger Chris! said...

So... many cats.. uhh

And shit, I wish I had the time to participate in this headline game, but yeah. I've got nothing. Unless I can write one called "Insane hippie bosses are the worst kind of bosses," followed up with one called "I quit: who's got a job I can have?"


2:21 PM

Anonymous Steve-Dave said...

more cat insanity.


3:22 PM

Blogger Chris! said...

You know, I have to heartily endorse that Infinite Cat site. Try starting at the beginning and just clicking "next cat" over and over until you blow your fucking mind.

3:56 PM

Blogger mike w said...

The site was a big hit with ladies at my office.

11:38 AM

Anonymous kasia said...

infinite cats...
i have nothing to say kris, but i really wanted to make a comment because, as you have probably found out, i have a comment on everything...especially cowplants
the group blog is definitely a good idea. v. interesting

6:38 PM


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