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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This is the best day of my life

Well, that was probably actually that day I cried so hard that my mom finally caved and bought me the Gund stuffed cat I was tantruming about, but this is a close second. And why, you may ask? Because my life is so uninteresting these days that starting up a team blog with "friends" (that's what they're called, right? It's been a long time) makes me feel irrationally happy.

Anyway, in case you're all still upset about the demise of the original Some Cats, let me explain. See, when I got back from Quebec, I kept running into people and getting all excited to talk to them about my trip. Then, half a sentence later, they'd be interrupting me and saying, "I know. I read your blog." I then had an epiphany: blogging has made me into an incredibly boring person. And then I stopped writing so I'd have stuff to talk about, but I stayed boring because I wasn't doing interesting things anymore. Chris has since explained to me that I shouldn't treat this like a personal journal, because no one cares. And I said, "You're right!" Then I punched him. Next, I started to reflect: what in the fuck was I going to write about if I wasn't giving an unnecessarily detailed play-by-play account of my day? Well, things that interest me, I guess. And what interests me more than anything else in this world? My apartment!

So tell me: how is it that, on a 14 degree day in mid-October, the inside of my apartment is 28 degrees? (And that's exact, because my alarm clock has a thermometer on it, jerks.) That's twice the temperature outside. I mean, sure, I made the grievous mistake of leaving my blinds open all day, but I figured that it's probably late enough in the year for me to safely do that, especially when my windows are wide open too. I tell ya, it's unnatural. I've actually developed a theory that my neighbours on both sides turned their thermostats up as high as they would go as soon as it started getting colder, and then they both died. Now, the heat (and smell) is encroaching in on me from either side, and there's nothing I can do about it. Except suffer. And possibly complain.

Uh, yeah. Other than my apartment being hot, not much is new. To replace the empty void in my life left by the Gateway, I got elected as the director of internal relations for the History & Classics Undergraduate Association, where I try to organize bar nights with the lamest people imaginable. Also, I'm a full-time student now. It's busy. And kind of lonely. So for fuck's sake, keep posting.


Blogger mike w said...

>Chris has since explained to me that I shouldn't treat this like a personal journal, because no one cares.

What kind of oppressive relationship is this, anyway?

Well I like this weblog because I can catch up with old pals like Neal without having to call him, which would just be awkward. Hello Neal!


7:44 AM

Blogger Chris! said...

That's the way I roll, bitches!

9:54 AM


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