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Friday, November 04, 2005

Whaaa? I'm the only non-sad sadface? Weird.

Hey kids,
Sorry to hear you all want to off yourselves. I will try to steer this catship in a more positive direction. First: Halloween. I went to the Rue Morgue partaaay with Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, the Tuckers and other such ne’er-do-wells. I must say it was quite the spooktacular affair: live snakes, hairless rats, gothy strippers, a woman who was actually pregnant who dressed up with blood all over her and a fake fetus hanging between her legs. Good times. Did I mention the crazy ass people who came dressed in armour and pressed circular saws against themselves sending sparks 20 feet in the air? They were cool, too. I didn't get a photo of Dave and Alan because I was drunk and retarded, but they had wicked ass costumes. Dave was the priest from The Exorcist and Alana was the possessed, vomit-covered little girl. I was, shockingly, a vampire.


Christie and Chris (He's Rosemarry from Rosemarry's Baby)

To celebrate the holiday, I was also on the cover of Dose, licking someone's face. To my suprise, Trevor didn't like this much, even though it was just a mask on a mongloid from production.

In other news, I interviewed Trent Reznor this week and can now die happy. I know what you're thinking: "Christ, Heather, no one has listened to NIN since they were 14 and 'angry' because they lived in the suburbs with fantastic parents." To that I say, "Fuck you, I'm still 14 on the inside." I've been promised tickets to go see them with QOTSA next week and if we're holding a contest for readers to win a chance to meet the bands. I've been told I'll get to bring the winners backstage, at which point I will turn to dust as my life will no longer have a purpose. It's sad, really. I know.

Over and out.


Blogger Ladysir said...

The girl next to me in my online class is now really interested in what I'm reading.


Kris Meen: your costume is the funniest thing I've seen all day--nay--all this Halloween week.

11:20 AM

Blogger Chris! said...

Alan? Did Dave get a boyfriend?

And yes, Kris, that costume is genius. Way better than my slapped-on "zombie." But to my credit, that was actually the first time in about eight years that I dressed up as anything for Halloween.

Uh, brains?

12:27 PM

Anonymous Kris Meen said...


Costume = Not my idea. I'd never even seen the movie, but many thanks for the kudos.

Also, what's this 'Tuckers' crap? Why does everyone seem to think I'm the bottom of this relationship? It's Muckers, people!


1:41 PM

Blogger mike w said...

We've been Mucked!

4:33 AM


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