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Thursday, November 02, 2006


What did I do for Halloween? Well, I didn't have Thor staying at my place, and I didn't get interviewed by eTalk Daily, but my entire class did dress up like our prof (Allan Thompson, formerly of Toronto Star fame), which was pretty hilarious. Check it out:

We all wore dress pants, dress shirts, dress shoes and ties, parted our hair to the left and tucked pens behind our ears. The masks were what really made it, though, particularly the one guy who brought a Stephen Harper mask instead. See if you can spot it! Allan was pretty amused, in his toned-down, "what the hell are you doing?" kind of way.

In other illustratable news, here are some of the best shots from the trip Chris and I took to the newly renovated Museum of Natural History here a couple of weeks ago. Chris finally overcame his deep-seated fear of dinosaur skeletons with heads on them (formed when he was but a lad at this very same museum), as you can see here:

He also found a kindred spirit in an ancient rhinoceros:

We saw a giant flying turtle:

I made out with Albert Einstein:

And Ottawa was pretty:


Blogger Dave said...

I just looove those Where's Stephen? books. You can always pick him out of the crowd because he's the one eating a baby.

And I'm beginning to suspect that the dinosaurs really went extinct because their skeletons were attached to the floor by metal poles.

12:32 AM

Blogger Superdude said...

I kissed a dinosaur one time. A real one. You weren't there.

4:09 PM

Anonymous Crammit said...

Are there dinosaur skeletons without heads on them that Chris is not afraid of?

(Me with my palms facing up and my head tilted sideways, and music "wah, wah, waaaah")

5:15 PM


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