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Monday, May 09, 2005

gentlemen, to fascination, and all its fascinating causes.

Well, not much to say at the moment, but I think it's worthwhile to note that if you search for our blog title in quotes on Google, you get an entry from some old cached blog by a woman named Courtney which I can only assume is about a cat:

04/17/2003 Entry: "some cats are bigger than others"
Mister has a white feather boa that is his best friend and his favorite toy. Sometimes he walks around with the boa in his mouth, strands of feathers dragging between his legs and getting tangled in his feet. Sometimes he runs at it and pounces. Sometimes he wears it around his belly or head like an article of jewelry.
Work sucked today.

If nothing else, we can at least take solace in the fact that I promise to never write anything on this blog as completely depressing as that. Still, it's actually kind of creepy how someone else wrote that exact same stupid, random sentence on their webpage.

Also of interest to no one, Courtney's now-defunct blog was registered at www.sherwood.nu. Not recognizing the .nu domain, I looked it up, and found the following:

.NU was originally the designated Internet address of Niue, a tiny island in the South Pacific, not far from New Zealand. With a declining population - now just 1200 people since cyclone Heta all but wiped Niue off the map with its 300kph winds and 20-metre waves - the .NU ccTLD became available to registrants worldwide in 1997.

Niue has always had an exotic and fresh reputation - as well as plenty of international interest. It is perhaps most famous as the only nation to offer free wireless (WiFi) Internet access to residents, and it's two main foreign income streams are the sale of .nu domain names, and postage stamps to foreign collectors - the vast majority of whom will never visit the island!

Over 100,000 .nu domains have so far been registered, mostly in the Swedish market, where "nu" means "now". It also means "naked" in French but the French porn industry has yet to really capitalise on the domain.

Must be quite a status symbol to have a site registered on a domain that belongs to a country that was pretty much destroyed by God. And also means "naked" in French.


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