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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Look who's aging

Tonight was the occasion of my 29th birthday, a lovely evening involving Korean food and awesome birthday presents that included CDs, a rice cooker and a Rue Morgue hoodie. Thanks so much to all my friends for making this such a rad evening. Now — are you ready for THE FUTURE? Who wants to high-five me?

Mike is pensive sometimes about lamps that are near retro-kitsch purses.

Dave is considering wallet-eating as a way of becoming famous.

Leah is so scared of the world that her purse has become the barrier that keeps her sane. Unlike Alana, left, who has clearly lost her shit.

Ken demonstrates the face that all doctors make when they're thinking about shirts.

On the way home, at Markham and Herrick. This is clearly the best way to dispose of unwanted shoes, always.


Blogger Ladysir said...

Real-time blogging? Unheard of!

At least to us east-enders who have to ride the vomit comit with passed-out Brazilians. The purse did nothing to shield the scariness of it all, unfortunately.

Kudos to your renewed bloggerocity. 29 looks to be a promising year.

2:39 AM

Blogger Superdude said...

H29BD, CB. TASHFP, Dude.

No time to chat. Gotta use code.

8:59 PM


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