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Saturday, January 21, 2006


An unedited version of a story I didn't want to write went as follows:

A woman hit a womean tiweht her can, and then helped her oiwht tyhe good time news partols’ party hug hug fun adventure bore stupid who cared.
The driver, whose suzuki sidekick had more than 234344 miles on it, drove to the place fast and fun where all good drivers get to hit old ladies.
“Ow.” said the old laady’s guts, as she was moved to an amblance with life-changing ramifications.
In other news, a reporter got tired of a story before writing it and made it really great through his indifference. “I’m great,” he said.

Fire me!


Anonymous Crammit said...

YES! I think all editors should be fired. The unedited version of this story is clearly much more entertaining than the edited version. Bravo!

8:33 AM


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