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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Toronto International Farm Fest

In the spirit of all the farm animal goodness in Mike's Prelude to the Afternoon, here's a pic of myself and a couple co-workers from the Toronto International Film Fest, attending a Midnight Madness screening. It was for the international premiere of the New Zealand horror-comedy Black Sheep (nothing to do with the Chris Farley movie of the same name), and as you can see, we're on the red carpet... with sheep... including one wearing a tiara.
I did go to the premiere of the new Hal Hartley film, Fay Grim, which had the director and stars Jeff Goldblum and Parker Posey in attendence, which was kinda fun, but clearly, these soft little celebs are much more approachable. Plus, I probably wouldn't want a sweater made out of Jeff Goldblum shavings. Maybe Parker Posey shavings, though...
Anyhow, let the sheep humping jokes commence!
And thanks to Bob Tyrrell for taking the pic and Brett for fixing the contrast on it.


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