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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Welcome to the Idiocracy

Miss South Carolina seems like the type that would bring a honey jar to a spelling bee. I wish her a lucrative career in the porn industry.

Mike Judge's latest film, Idiocracy, may just be too close to comfort. Below is the opening to the movie. Contrast and compare.


Blogger Superdude said...

Now I want to see this movie. I didn't realize when I was on Youtube that I was watching a re-edit of the whole movie to make it more dramatic, or completely different. I hope I didn't wreck the ending for myself.
I sure wish those other guys would post here. Once I'm done Ozanada, I'm going to start posting here again.

5:33 AM

Anonymous Collin said...

Booyah on the Idiocracy reference. If I hadn't have sealed my cat in a crawlspace recently I'd feel more confident in bashing dummies.

8:03 PM

Blogger Dave said...


You can't simply mention that you sealed a cat in a crawlspace without telling the whole story...

Pony up, Bob Villa.

11:10 PM

Anonymous collin said...

I'm putting linoleum down in my porch and after about four months of putting it off I got frisky. So there's cutting, fitting, cleaning, calculating, new tool buying, etc. I also noticed there are two holes noticeable between the frame of the front door and the floor. In an effort to reduce heating bills in my 1912-built storey and a half, I got some spray foam insulation. Since the two holes are so small (and the can of foam, so large) I went looking for other things to spray-foam. Actually things were going really well until I noticed the exterior access panel than runs under an extension on my back porch. After taking the thing out, I clean it up, notice a bunch of loose spaces in the frame, and set to work.
It doesn't fit exactly square, so I'm wrestling it back into place. Essentially I have to angle it back into place pulling up and towards me. Finally I go get some screw drivers to help handle it. This works but it's still a bitch, so I'm fighting and since it's a less than a foot off the ground it's awkward, it's 30-degrees outside.
Now it's finally in place, I spray this foam/industrial adhesive into all the cracks surrounding the panel, clean it up and marvel at how friggin awesome I am.
About half an hour later, I'm in my basement and start hearing a terrified mewing. So after kicking in the panel (tearing up chunks of concrete in the process and leaving permanent yellow streaks of foam-residue on my green siding) the cat trots out.
There. I'm dumb. Are you happy.

10:58 AM

Blogger Dave said...

Yes, the dumber you are, the happier I am.

Good thing that wasn't your grandma you entombed.

Surely there was a moment when you considered just leaving it in there...

11:20 AM

Anonymous collin said...

yeah but the smell would have been an unpleasant reminder of the little devil.

3:35 PM


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