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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Already, the habit of updating this blog every day as I promised myself I would is waning; gotta keep typing. Just as a shark needs to keep swimming even while it's asleep to keep a steady flow of water streaming through its gills, so must I type. If I stop typing for any reason, I'll die.

So as some of you might know, Kristine and I first started organizing this trip to Europe back in late September when we booked our first flight; since then, I've been counting down the number of issues of Vue I had to complete until we flew to Toronto. When we first started the countdown, I had 37 issues to do. Now, looking at the dry-erase U of A calendar I bought in first year after I forgot about a midterm and an essay in the same week, it's saying that that number is now 2. Two! Holy jesus, is this trip coming up fast. Since I'll be away for two issues and there's no one really to take my place, I've got to get my shit together and organize that content. Pretty soon it's going to be zero-hour here, and I'm going to totally start panicking. But for now, I'll just sit here and drink my coffee and eat my cottage cheese and banana. It's almost noon, sure, but it's still breakfast time.

Kristine and I went out to the Dog last night with Dave and Leah and two Gateway kids, Iris Tse and James Storrie, for Kristine's unofficial (yet actual) birthday celebration. It's not hot enough outside yet for the throngs of white-ballcap-wearing assholes to start choking the upstairs patio, so we got to enjoy some spring evening air along with some pints. Ran into freelance illustrator and rock guy Raymond Biesinger who I hadn't seen for a while even though he does spot work for me once in a while; we had a good talk, complete with many utterances of the words "indeed," "hotsville" and "mm-hmm!"

It was hotsville, indeed.


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