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Monday, October 10, 2005

It's back! As if anyone cared!

Yep, hello everyone, and welcome to the new, somewhat improved though almost identical-looking Some Cats Are Bigger Than Others. As you can tell from the contributors list, this is going to be a team effort from here on in, featuring Kristine and I in Edmonton, Dave and Heather (and probably Mikey) in Toronto, Superdude from Halifax, and maybe—just maybe, our pal over at Covered in Oil, Randy from Medicine Hat, will be popping in to lend a helping hand and dole out a few tidbits of homespun, southern Albertan wisdom. Will there be wordy, self-reflexive action to be observed? I should fucking think so. If not, everyone's fired. From life.

So yeah, it'll be rad. A couple people have suggested doing some group thematic stuff, so that might be cool, and I know I plan to use my camera phone a more (and I've finally figured out how to post mp3s, I think, so there'll be a lot more of that, too). Sound EXCITING? That's because it is, dinkwallets. That's because it is. So stay tuned.

Oh, and the accompanying image is from a site called Spamusement, where this guy draws little single-panel comics based on the subject lines of the spam he gets. This one is based on some Nigerian scam spam entitled "THE LAST WISH OF A DYING MAN." It's now my wish too.


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