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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the incredible lightness of raddening

Hey! So how about all that self-pity a couple days ago, huh? Oh, poor me; Edmonton is so lame and I'm so awesome... yeah. Sorry about that, everyone.

Anyhow, check this shit out, homos and lady-homos: for the past couple of months, I've occassionally had this weird feeling that my phone's vibrate function is going off in my right pocket, even though it's not. I shrugged it off as me being crazy, but over the past couple of days, I've come to discover that if I'm in a seated position and I tilt my neck forward like I'm looking at my shoes, my pelvic area and the backs of my legs light up with this really sharp, jarring "buzzzzzz....," which, of course, has prompted me to interesting new realms of freakoutery.

While thoughts of brain tumours, spinal fluid viruses and impending paralysis crossed my mind at first, I think I've narrowed the whole thing down to a pinched nerve in my neck that's affecting my legs, seeing as the problem pretty much goes away if I take a Robaxacet or two. Crazy, hey? Still kinda wondering what I should do for the long term about this. But for now, drugs are the answer.

Yeah, anyway, that's my story. And what an interesting one it's been!


Anonymous collin said...

Sounds like you've strained your complain-o-bone.
I thought mine was acting up, but it's probably just West Nile because I live in a god-forsaken, dusty cow-fuck of a shithole town.
Try sleeping on your side?

4:21 PM


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