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Friday, July 08, 2005

The losers are like redwoods in Edmonton...

Man, was it ever a drinky night at the Dog yesterday, as what started out around 8pm as a few editors hanging around and having a few pints in honour of Mr. Paul Matwychuk's leaving Vue for greener pastures gradually turned into a full-out Vue Weekly staff party, complete with far too many free drinks courtesy of Ron. It was a night full of conversations about newspapers, true ghost stories, how to shuffle a deck of cards with one hand, how Lyle actually did get fucked by Liberty Mutual, trying to figure out why the poker set we bought for Paul was so fucking unbelieveably heavy... though I think I was handling myself well on the outside, by about 1am I was far too drunk on the inside to be in a bar anymore. And I was just about to leave when who should walk down the stairs but Dave Alexander. That forced a few more pints down my throat. And forced Fish to shoot this picture.

Anyhow, long story short, there's a magpie that's been visiting my bedroom window pretty regularly for the past few days at 9:30 in the morning and doing that thing where they screech like an abandoned baby at nothing at particular. Which, when you went to bed at 4, isn't too hot. So yeah, I got that going on.


Blogger enthrall said...

Sorry I missed it - all the best, Paul. Good luck on the freelancing deal.


1:45 PM

Anonymous iain said...

If you makes you feel any better, I've had a crows versus magpies gang war going on in my backyard for the past week and a half. Everything is quiet, then it's non-stop squaking and eye-jabbing for fifteen minutes. Just _try_ to concentrate on some boring internet research stuff when the feathers are flying only a few metres away. Bah.

7:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, fucknuts. I knew that Dave A in Cabbagetown would have been better than a weekend of international rugby, and hanging out on Chris's couch screaming entertain me! Take me to movies! Dose misses the point! I'm bored! Ants! The X-Box control setup for "GTA: San Andreas" leaves something to be desired! No Dice! Smoking ban?!? Shut that crow up! No, don't light that quaint building on fire! This smells! The Ukraine?!? Plutocrat! Oilers! Make me a sandwich! Exclaimation point!
Gasp, then I killed several thousand mosquitoes on my way home only to find 8000 cubic metres of hog manure had washed into an irrigation canal and flowed into the South Saskatchewan River, which passes by my apartment window. The end.

Collin "!" Gallant

PS - Paul we didn't really know each other but we did play cards for money. May you be as succesful in future endevours.

4:46 AM

Anonymous Crammit said...

Sounds awesome Chris. Hey, what do you mean by "true ghost stories?" Have you ever seen any ghosts before? And I'm not talkin about "think I might have seen" or "after I smoked a bunch of weed" or "woke up in the middle of the night" kind of crap. Because I've decided I don't believe in ghosts anymore, and I'd like somebody to prove me otherwise. I'll even stay in a "haunted house" overnight or something creepy like that. As long as there was someone outside to watch out for bums. Because I'm a hobophobe.

Rock on, my brother!

11:22 PM

Anonymous Crammit said...

Also, in that picture, Dave Alexander looks like a crazy zombie!

11:29 PM

Anonymous collin said...

You haven't been paying attention.
Dave is a zombie, duh.

1:25 AM


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