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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Edmonton's finest!

As Mike pointed out in a comment a couple of posts ago, it seems that finally, despite the Edmonton Police Service's attempts to make sure absolutely no headway was made regarding the problem of dead women being found in the outskirts of Sherwood Park with chilling regularity, the RCMP stepped in last week and announced that a serial killer is preying on the sex workers of Edmonton.

The news was met with a resounding "well, no fucking shit" from the public at large here in Edmonton, seeing as the bodies of 12 hookers have been found dumped and occasionally burned in the pretty much the exact same area of town over the last 17 years--and, well, no fucking shit, indeed. It's amazing that the EPS was so unwilling to come to this conclusion and actually start treating the murders as being perpetrated by a repeat offender--or hell, it's amazing that they were able to get away for so long with not caring so openly about the murders at all. Were there ever any measures taken to try and protect the people being preyed upon? Did the EPS set up any surveillance in Edmonton's easily identifiable sex trade districts, looking for any unusual activity? If they did, they sure as fuck didn't tell anyone about it, and it sure as fuck hasn't had any affect.

But I suppose the EPS is pretty busy with other things these days--like intimidating crash witnesses, for example. Or launching yet another internal inquiry into why they seem to be so completely retarded.

On other notes, everyone wish a happy 30th birthday to Mr. Dave Alexander! Seriously. Right now. Do it or I'll kill him. Then you'll be sorry.

And to Mikey: rest assured that come October this space will be practically drowning in my complaints about the Oilers and their tragic inability to put together a cohesive team. And indeed some comics will be in order, so we should figure out how to do that. But until then, here's yet another instance of our blog's title out there on the interthing, this one in a riveting conversation as to whether jbrules's sister's cat is too fat.

And pictures coming soon, we promise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I seem to remember the last time you got all down on the Edmonton Police Services -- right about the time Kerry Diote, found a reseaonable argument as to why the EPS should give him $1.75 million in a court settlement -- four mounties got shot up in Mayerthorpe. I'm not saying that you're directly responsible, but watch the news carefully to see if anything really bad happens. If not you're off the hook. If so, then you're like Powder or something.
In related Edmonton-is-crappy news, I hear the N. Sask is going to totally flood tonight. Good luck with that. Maybe then the Cracker-Cats will get the hint. It's been flooding every other day here (S. Sask), and is set to happen again tomorrow. But, as one letter mailed to the Medicine Hat News editorial page pointed out, "the term is global warming, not global flooding, so those homo scientists were waaaaay off.
I love you, barrel of oil. Dont' ever go away. Smooch, smooch, hug, smooch, hug."


2:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"homo scientists" hmmmmm...NEXT!

10:09 AM


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