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Friday, June 03, 2005

french keyboqrds1

Man, this is crazy. If I typed that sentence like I would at home, it would look like this: "nqb, this is crqwy:" I knew the symbols/punctuation were in different places on French keyboards, but apparently the letters are too (we,d--I can,t find the apostrophe--been using English keyboards at an internet cafe down the street until today--this is the one in our hostel). Anyway, needless to say, this isn,t going to be very long, as it took me about 3 minutes to type that sentence (this is actually Kristine, by the way).

Quick impressions of France: people really like three things here--ham, crazy cartoon personifications of inanimate objects, and Che Guevera. Seriously, I haven,t seen this many representations of Che since high school. Even the restaurant we ate in last night had a giant mural of Che.

Okay, I,m running out of time.


Anonymous Dad said...

You do need french immersion(including a keyboard) if you're going to be fluent.!! HAHA You should see when I send messages to my family with this keyboard. They must think I'm illiterate. I'm surprised at the Che Gueverra item. What would he have done in France. I'm not a history buff. Hi Chris, are you behaving, remeber they might still have an old rusted out guillotine around there somwhere!! Keep posting.

9:56 AM


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