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Monday, May 30, 2005


First off, hey Mom and Dad! Wrote you guys back in the comments to two posts ago, but I guess you didn't see that. But yep, got your message, and nope, we won't be posting pictures until we get back, as we don't have the software for it on us. But once we get back, we will.

As for London, we ended up only going down the street to the Black Lion Pub in Bayswater for some roast beef and lamb fo dinner; Kristine's come down with a pretty bad cold, so our plans have had to change in the evenings a few times, but no big deal. Today we went to St. Paul's Cathedral, which is gigantic, despite how modest most pictures make it seem; we took the stairs all the way to the very top of the dome (something like 400 feet above the street, where there was a tiny observation deck from which you could see the whole city. Pretty rad. Followed that up with a walk down Fleet Street, the old heart of London's print journalism, along with a stroll down a few neat little alleys. Didn't get to do much shopping, though. There's a lot of pollution in the air here, and after a while, your eyes really start to sting. It's actually pretty bad.

But also, really beautiful. It's a fantastic city, and I can't believe we're already leaving tomorrow. Oh well--I'm sure Paris won't be too much of a letdown. So yeah, until then!

If anyone wants me to bring them back a pocketful of roast beed from London, you'd better tell me now. Don't know if I'll be able to get any hoseradish through cutoms, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds great Chris and don't worry about the Roast Beef, it probably comes from Alberta or New Zealand. Great to hear from you. Love Mom and Dad

11:33 AM


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