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Thursday, May 26, 2005

rockin' the something-dot!

Ugh. Toronto. 6am. Just about to catch a cab to Pearson after a nice evening of catching up with everyone: Heather, Kris, Christie--good to see you all again. Ken's apartment balcony looks over the entire Don Valley; TO has a lot more trees than I think people give it credit for. Went to the Victory Pub last night (they serve Grasshopper) just off Bloor in what's oddly called the Annex district; walked by local landmark Honest Ed's which has the craziest slogans on ginat signs I've ever seen, mostly deriding Ed's quality as a human being while playing up the cheapness of his prices. Example: "Honest Ed's fulla baloney, but his prices are teeny-weeny!" or "Honest Ed's a creep: his low prices will creep in your heart, your soul and your brain" (yeah, actually). Really, the place is just a big Army and Navy. And their prices have never crept into my brain.

Anyhow, gotta catch a cab in five minutes; by tonight, we'll be in London, wondering why everyone talks so funny for no reason. Stay tuned. And thanks to Ken and Sunita for rollin' out the old hideabed. It was as rad as beds get. Which is pretty rad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Ed's prices HAVE crept into your brain, but you don't know it because they're so insidious. Then you hop on a plane to England -- this is sounding a little too "28 days" for my liking. England will be bankrupt!!
Have fun in Europe. In a similar vien, I bought a shelf today, so I've got that going on.
Bring me back a switchblade.


12:22 AM


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