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Sunday, May 29, 2005

look, we've been busy, okay?

Hey all! So yeah; turns out that London's a pretty big city, and it can keep you moving pretty much nonstop if you let it, so I apologize for not posting yesterday. Rest assured we've been partying constantly. If by "partying" you mean "walking."

And you know, on the subject of partying, here's a dumb thing about London: when they say all the pubs close at 11pm, they're not fucking kidding. It's like, strike of 11, lights on, everyone get the fuck out, no last call, just leave. And after 11, well, that's kind of it, really; unles you're a big fan of standing in huge lines to get into some Soho dance club with that goddamned "Crazy Frog" song blasting over the speakers, you're kind of screwed. Kristine and I have been going to the St. James just off Piccadilly Circle the past two nights when we find ourselves unceremoniously kicked into the streets; we know it's lame to keep going to the same pub, but it's the only pubby place we've found around Soho that stays open till 1am (provided you pay the door five pounds after 11) and isn't packed with screamy jackasses. Oh yeah--they have those here too. Except they like to smash eachother over the head with beer bottles in the street as well.

Anyhow, almost out of time, but I'll relog on and talk about what we've been doing.


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