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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Hey. Kristine's sleeping, so I have a few minutes. Today, we went to the Tower of London--while the tour was a little unrevealing, those sure were some real old-like buildings. 12th century? I think we can all agree that was a long time ago.

But even older was the Egypt wing of the British Museum. Mummies! Tons of them! It was amazing. And man, the Egyptians mummified everything! People, cats, bulls, dogs--we even saw two falcons wrapped together into some kind of two-headed Super Falcon Mummy, as well as a mummified fish and some boxes for mummified eels. Seriously. They probably mummified their old shoes when they bought new ones, too.

But we got there late, and we were kicked out after half an hour. Then we went on the tube, which is currently seriously fucked. The vital, vital Circle Line has been out of commission all weekend, causing us to have to transfer all ove the goddamned city--or worse, take the bus. But on top of that, the District Line's down right by our hostel, as is the Central and Hammersmith And City. Today, we spent at least twice the amount of time that we did at the sites just getting there. It was a little stressful. Hopefully, tonight will be easier. After dinner at an Indian place in South Kensington called Lazziz or something, we're off to a Kensington pub called The Nag's Head, which Time Out called the most perfect pub in London. Heady words--but likely not heady enough to keep the place from closing at 10:30 just like everywhere else tonight. Sigh.

Right! Tomorrow: St. Pauls and shopping in the east end. Word, sir and girlsirs. Word.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris, it's Dad again, can you read the comments. How's things?? Any pics yet??

9:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristine isn't sleeping. Admit it. You mummified her!
Nice job, you sick fuck.
A big hello to Mr. and Mrs Boutet back in Sherwood Park, by the way. I just can't think of another way to start this.
London sounds like a blast, however, so soak it up.


PS -- London Knights won. Corey Perry rulz!

2:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Collin and a big hello from windy Sherwood Park. It feels like Lethbridge lately. TTFN

11:35 AM


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