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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Alright, so Monday first thing we did was go check out Westminster Abbey, which predictably, was amazing. So many incredible memorials, and the actual resting places of every king and queen of England since 1066, right there in front of you? Crazy. But even though we were at arm's length from the crypt that holds the body of William the Conqueror, the most incredible thing for me were the 800-year-old frescos in the Abbey's Chapter House and the bodies of monks just casually buried off the the side of the hall in the oldest part of the building, marked with worn stone deathmasks from the 12th century. It was aweing, really.

After that, we walked through St. James Park up to Piccadilly and joined the swarms of people wandering around doing god knows what. We were only apssing through, though, on our way to Leicester Square to get some cheap theatre tickets (which, at £37, weren't really that cheap); we ended up going to see Death of a Salesman on Saturday at the Lyric Theatre, starring BRian Dennehy and some woman who was in Hellraiser 4. It was a lot better than I make it sound; incredible, actually.

Before that on Saturday, we spent the day in even more throngs of people walking through the market on Portobello Road. Lots of antiques, touristy crap, but a fair bit of cool clothes shops and artwork. We resisted the urge to buy things because we're really scared of running out of money, but considering how much we've been saving by having the bars kick us out so early (seriously, it's really annoying), we might go back.

But now we gotta go; we're off to the Tower of London and the BRitish Museum today--and also a doctor's office, as Kristine is coming down with a case of strep throat, she thinks. So now we have to roll. Until next time.


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