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Saturday, June 11, 2005

coming home, i guess!

Well, as Huey Lewis (and, to a lesser extent, The News) put it, "this is it"--and although they then went on to add a bunch of doo-wops immediately after that, I don't think they're quite as relevant to the current situation, really. So let's just drop that right now, okay? Fuckers?

So yes: this is it. It's almost 9am here in London, and in a few hours, Kristine and I will be back on a sweet, sweet Air Canada plane that doesn't give a fuck how heavy our bags are, bound for sweet, sweet Calgary. The flight back leaves at 1pm here, and will apparently take nine hours... plus two and a half layover in Calgary... plus half-hour flight to Edmonton. Oh yeah, plus an hour on the Piccadilly to get out to Heathrow. All in all, it's going to be a damn long travelling day--yet still, we're going to be landing in Edmonton somewhere in the late afternoon/early evening, which will require a Herculean time-zone-adjustment effort on our part, I'm sure. But we're looking forward to home, kind of.

Anyhow, we should probably be getting ready, so I'll sign off early here by quickly saying our bus from Stansted took twice as long as we thought yesterday, so we didn't make it to the Surgery Museum. But the Tate Gallery of Modern Art was open late so we checked that out instead. Dali, Picasso, Monet, a whole bunch of awesome Soviet propaganda street posters... it was great. Followed that up with a few pints somewhere in Victoria. Four pints each; the most we've drunken in one sitting in more than two weeks.

Okay, gotta go! The next time we meet, it'll be on Edmonton time.


Anonymous Crammit said...

Well, it sounds like Rome took the cake, but just to be a little more organized and formal about it all, I think you should end your vacation blog with a "European Mega-City Showdown!" You must score each city in different categories. Make sure to factor in the rose-guys, and the garbage can tossers (what the fuck?), and the sheer number of mummies per capita.

Yeah, the rose guys, that happened to me when I was at Trevi fountain too. It was like the first day, and I was hanging around with this girl from Bev Facey I met on the plane, and this guy gave her a flower (oh how nice!) then he turned to me for the cash. I think I ended up buying it, after some coersion. But I don't think I made it to the "So, you love money more than your woman, eh? oh-ho ho ho!"

9:20 PM


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