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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hey, you like ants?

So yeah! In non-travel-photo-related news, I was having a pretty bad ant problem in my apartment for the last few days. Like, seriously, these fuckers were everywhere, couldn't kill enough of them. Finally, I bought some ant traps yesterday, figuring the deathblow had been struck. Sadly, I was wrong. The baiting part of the traps seemed to work far better than the killing part of the traps--which, of course, resulted in way more ants. Today, I bought some Raid and nerve-gassed every ant I saw to Ant Heaven, which I assume is just a larger, more food-crumb-filled version of my kitchen here on Earth. It felt good, and the ants seem to be gone, so I, uh, got that going on.

Also, apparently someone broke into our apartment building and then into the laundry room across the hall from my place twice to then break the washer and dryer and steal the paltry amount of coins within. My strange old Eastern European landlady seemed adequately concerned by this, but confusingly kept talking about how she should further reinforce the laundry room door. Gee, Pauline, I think I'm a little more concerned by the fact that people keep breaking in through the front fucking door, only to then gain access to the laundry room. You know... maybe we should be working on that. I tried to suggest this to her, but it only caused her to furrow her brow and then wander away, muttering about how she's going to put bars on the laundry-room window. You know, the window, which was clearly not used to gain entrance, as opposed to the laundry door, which was covered in crowbar scratches. OR the FRONT FUCKING DOOR, ALSO MARRED BY REGULAR FORCED ENTRY. Sigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah! ants, death, laundry theft of at least 20 bux and great pictures. You entertain me! In other news, I was going to start a flickr page but got bummed up on the monthly limit. Tears on my keyboard. Again.

1:34 AM

Anonymous Crammit said...

Ants? Ha! We got days and days of smog alerts and weird above 30 weather that sticks to your skin and squashes you onto the ground screaming. And there ain't no SMOG traps, Chris.... and there ain't no smog RAID neither...

I only WISH i had a bunch of ants to play with in the one air-conditioned room in my apartment that is habitable, you unappreciative jerk!

Hey Julie! Rock on, my brother! Send us more pics of Jody using his rugged Canadian machismo on those helpless Japanese girls!

6:11 PM

Blogger Chris! said...

And make sure he's shirtless, too. I don't look at pictures of guys unless they're shirtless.

Also--hey! How's shit in Japanland?

7:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything here is Japanese! Even the freakin ants! Did you know that about Japan? I wish I had. Have yet to take any topless pictures of Jody at work. Don't think he does that much entertaining at the bar. Sorry Chris, all shirt all the time.

1:34 AM


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