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Friday, October 21, 2005

Photographic images!

Not that you'd likely be able to figure out what the hell is going on in this photo by looking at it, but this, my friends, is a Todd MacFarlane-approved Wayne Gretzky action figure (minus his left hand, which fell off while I was trying to cram his little stick into his premolded grasp), getting ready for a little faceoff action on a table in the Black Dog's basement. Normally, as I'm sure most of you are aware, I'm not much for the whole action-figure thing, but I won this dapper little fellow in a game of Oilers trivia after the game last night by correctly answering which current Oilers defenceman was selected first overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 1992 supplemental draft (you won't care if you don't already know, so I'll spare you the answer), so I'm proud of him all the same, even though his black, lifeless eyes haunt my dreams just a little.

Anyhow, this was not the photo I intended to post; you see, after watching Calgary kick the poo out of Edmonton on the big screen in the basement, Kristine and I left the Dog in a fairly inebriated state, which was likely responsible for our decision to use some black hockey tape I also won at trivia (this time by correctly identifying who holds the record for the most games played in a Flames uniform, and again, you won't care) to spell out 'boobs.' in fairly large script on someone's garage door in the alley behind my apartment building. Sadly, my cameraphone doesn't have a flash (hence the shittiness of the Gretzky photo), so we couldn't take a picture of what we instantly thought was the funniest thing in the world, but I promised myself that I'd get up first thing and run back to take a pic. Equally sadly, by 10am it was already gone, ripped down in its prime by a no doubt bleary-eyed suburbanite who cursed "those fucking kids" for making him late for his job at Epcor.

BUT! Tonight I'm hoping to go back and write "boobs" on the same door again, except this time in all caps with an exclamation point instead of a period to really drive home the force of our conviction when it comes to stating our appreciation of boobs. Because, well, this is what you do when you live in Edmonton and you don't have any friends. Anyhow, photos to follow. Fuckas.


Blogger Superdude said...

We should all endeavor to assure our greatest hopes an goals involve writing swears on things with hockey tape. Seriously. I'm so proud. It's a mental image I'll carry with me always.

3:24 PM

Blogger Superdude said...

Also, I think the Flames player with the most games is Lanny MacDonald, only because he was there forever, and because he's the only Flame I can currently think of. Also, hockey is simply skates plus ice plus fighting plus pucks. Get it?

3:25 PM


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