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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Changing Gears

How interesting that suddenly, the theme changes from the joys of underemployment and zombies and that guy whose hair got crazy (a tight thread, indeed), to the joys of vehicle ownership.
There are so many tales to tell! Cars! I've had a few, let me tell ya.
One: 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass
Purchase Price: $600
Date: May, 1993?
Purchase notes: This was and will always be my first car. Born of a city bus and a battle ship, it features back-breakingly low bench seats, a gold engine (gold paint, at least, from the factory) and intermittently sky blue, metallic-blue, and grey-primered rust paint job. It burned a lot of gas when gas was 39.9 a litre, which happened for three days the year I bought it.
So, my friend who worked at a gas station said "there's this awesome old car for sale that gets gas every day. Indeed, it was awesome. It was entirely blue when I bought it, and composed mostly of body filler. And it had four doors, like an old-school car. Or something. My dad told me when I brought it home that for him, it was the equivalent of buying a 1983 Chev Cavalier. I said "A cool one, though, right?" He said "no."
Now it lives in storage in a field in Lethbrigde. That is, if I remembered to pay the storage.

Two: 1982 Mercury Capri
Purchased: Summer 1998?
Someone paid me back $300 they'd borrowed. I was driving on 114 ave in Edmonton when I saw, in a back alley, this really, really ugly car with a for sale sign on it. Two doors, kind of bulbous, with a little bit of rock (like rock and roll rock) showing through the maroon rust. It was supposed to cost $500, but when I started it up, I heard many problems. That, and I had $300 in my pocket.
"No muffler, no brakes, no tires. This car sucks," I said. The man was sad. "I'll give you $300."
So, there were more things wrong with this car. No keys for the doors. One door was rusted so bad that you could see into the car at the bottom. The hatchback kept hitting me on the head because the cylinders were too old.
SO, instead of fixing it, I drove it around without insurance for about two weeks. Then, almost directly in front of where I bought it, the police pulled me over.
"Is this your car?" asked the policeman, cordial, yet concerned.
"Yes, sir."
"Are you John Sparrow?"
I didn't think I was.
"The plate comes up as a 1967 Oldsmobile. That is not this car."
I agreed.
"Do you have any insurance or registration?"
This was a dumb question. Of course not.
"You can't drive this car."
I tried to convince him that I could, because I already had been driving it for two weeks as such. He didn't like that.

I got my first ride in a police car that day. We drove two blocks to my friend's house (the one that sold me the Cutlass.)He drove me home after we played Rally Cross on the Playstation for about 6 hours.

So, then that car went to Jasper. It still had no repairs done to it. While gassing up in Edson, I noticed that the front tires were so worn out that there were wires sticking out of them. I thought about getting a corn dog in the UFA station, but instead just paid for my gas and drove 140km/h the rest of the way to Snaring campground just outside Jasper.

This car is currently an ice racer on lake Wabumum. My old landlord stole this car from me when I moved in 2000. I sold it to Chris B. for $50 because my girlfriend at the time wouldn't let me keep it. I sold it to my landlord before I sold it to Chris, but since he didn't give me any money, and didn't come get it, I figured I should probably sell it to Chris, who needed a car. By that point, it had new tires, new exhaust, a new door (wrong colour, with MUSTANG written along the bottom) and some nice touchup paint work. Chris was excited.
Then, when he came to pick it up one day, it was gone. The garage was empty.
He was sad. I told him that Jesus took it. He said I was a bad person. I kept his $50. Chris's car lives at the lake.

Three: 1987 Plymouth Reliant K-car
Purchase price: $1.
Purchased: 2001?
My cousin gave this car to me. He drove the shit out of it. SO did I. I did $200 worth of brake work on it myself. Then he asked for it back. I gave it to him, because I wanted to drive the Cutlass, anyway.
One time, four fat people and 400 pounds of camping gear got into the car and drove to calgary. Getting up to 100 km/h was ...well... no. We didn't. I pushed the pedal to the floor, and the only thing that happened was that the car shuddered more. It never ran properly again. We got into the beautiful Crowsnest Pass, and went camping. While at the lake, I remarked "this car sucks." Then I told the car to get out of the lake.

Four: 1988 Plymouth Reliant Station Wagon
Purchase price: $1200?
Purchase date: 2002?
I bought this car from a gas station. Some part of the engine fell off, so all the oil poured out when I was driving from Edmonton to Calgary. I took it back to the station where I bought it to get it fixed. They "fixed" it three times. Then I moved to Halifax. Now it lives in front of my parents' house. The dashlights don't work properly, and I think the stereo is broken. When you pound on the dash, sometimes you can get the radio to work, or the clock to work, but never both at once. Not many good stories to go with this one, other than the time the engine fucked off a different way and all the antifreeze sprayed out. Christmas, 2003, I think it was. No antifreeze=no heat. No heat = girlfriend complaining. Jokingly suggesting sex as a solution=no sex for a long time. Smell of buring antifreeze in car: priceless.

Five: 1990 Mazda 323
Purchase price: $800
Actual Value: One friendship.
Purchased: May? 2005
I'm not sure if I'm still friends with the guy who sold me this car. The transmission started pissing a stream of fluid three days after I bought this little white nightmare,and I broke off the driver-side doorhandle yesterday while trying to close the door. I looked under the car a week ago, and noted that if I were to stand on my bumper, it would break off, because everything that holds it on is completely rusted through. The transmission slips, which is interesting when crossing the MacDonald Bridge here, which is a really steep bridge. Lots of engine noise, very little more than 30 km/h. Scary.
On the upside, it also allows me to go fishing more. Before, I had to take the bus.

SO, you've all seen my cars. SOme of you have even driven in them. Tell me about it. I'll put it all into a book called "this post was kind of boring."

Oh. Also, I still own three of these five cars. THey're spread across the country, too. Fantastic.


Blogger Chris! said...

At least no matter where you go in this great country of ours, you know you'll always have a shitty deathbox on wheels to go kill yourself with. And that's something money can't buy. Except when it does. As in this particular case.

Also, thanks for reminding me about the ol' fifty-dollar ghost car. But you seem to forget that I never actually paid you. So, uh... ha.

2:37 PM

Blogger Dave said...

Awesome! Reminds me of the 1980 rusty shitbox Capri I bought off a male stripper, whose name, hilariously, was Rob Chickie. It was brown, with a different shade of brown where he'd spilled transmission fluid it on it. It also had a tape deck in which you could hear the tape play even while being fast forwarded or rewound (screechy!), an antenna bent into a super-cool "Z"-shape (strippery), and an e-brake that that didn't work, unless you consider releasing blue smoke from the handle box when driving over 100kmh "working" (stinky!). It also didn't heat up nearly enough in the winter. But it got me around for a few years, and was kinda fun to drive, especially because I didn't really give a fuck what happened to it.

Also, Neal, which car of your was it that got broken into outside our apartment? Was it the Transformer car that turned from a rusty shitbox car into a rusty shitbox car with a broken window? I think it was called Optimus Broken.

4:46 PM

Blogger enthrall said...

A gripping tale of automotive drama! Time to jump in on this thread:

- a 1983 Toyota Tercel I bought in 1999 for $400; drove it for over a year, put in a new clutch and sold it for $800
- a 1993 Mazda 323 I bought for $3000 in 2001; treated me better than your 1990... Four years later, we traded up to get more room for the baby. Sold for $2200.
- a 2003 Suzuki Aerio (BRIGHT YELLOW, when it's clean) I bought for $11,500 in February; still driving. I plan to find another sucker who will pay close to what I paid for it in a few years.

I wish I had the drive to convert to vegetable oil fuel.

12:17 AM

Anonymous collin said...

No, my cars were cooler. And I thought of it first.
Also, I'm all over TSN/Sportsnet due to a steroid story I did on Rocky Thompson. As I screamed at a bartender tonight, "I'm the king of Medicine Hat!!!"
Eat that, you Eskimos.

3:57 AM


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