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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just Another Day at the Office

OK, not quite; these are actually the promised pics of the great big fat Rue Morgue Halloween Graveyard a Go-Go party. Every year the mag throws a huge bash at the Church at Berkley downtown, which is a massive church turned multi-level party space. You’ll note I went as post-possessed Father Karas from the Exorcist, while Alana went as post-pea puke Regan. I was gonna go as a Catholic Priest and she was gonna go as an altar boy, but it’s kinda hard to find an altar boy costume… especially when you’re not sure what one looks like.

The first shot has (top left to right) Brett, again, my partner in words Jovanka Vuckovic, and Rue Morgue creator and president Rod Gudino. Second row (left to right) has our office manager Audra, who also organized the party (with a small army of volunteers), world renown horror tattoo artist (and Jovanka’s boyfriend) Bob, Tomb Dragomir, who does Rue Morgue radio (available for download at the RM site) and DJ’d the party, and former RM employee Cass, who makes a great Poison Ivy.

Then you’ll see Alana giving the high sign with the Gore-Met (bloody apron) – our columnist who knows more about the history of Cannibal Holocaust than most people do about their own family histories – and my good buddy Paul Corupe, who writes for the mag and runs canuxploitation.com.

Below that is myself getting crucifix-humped in the mouth by Ken, one of our message board moderators, who drove in from Rochester to party and stayed at our place. He loves the mag so much, he got our logo tattooed on his forearm, which you can see, along with other pics from the party on the messages boards, under the thread “Rue Morgue Events” and then “Graveyard A Go-Go 2005” or here. Those are his contacts I’m wearing, which made little white halos in my peripheral vision all night. It was also the first time I’ve ever worn contacts, and come midnight my orbs felt like dusty corduroy.

Anyhow, then there’s me biting a cross while wearing a fuzzy black halo and having a toy gun pointed at my head. Why? Because the power of vodka compelled me, that’s why. Lastly, the two lads proudly displaying the devil horns are Brett and Gary. Gary rented a cool pirate costume, and Brett went as “Bretty Page,” hence the dress. Most of the pics shown are taken in the V.I.P. section of the party they had for us, which meant free food and booze all night. Despite this, I couldn’t help but carving a hole in a bible and tucking a flask of liquor in it. With a sold-out crowd of 1100+ it could be a bit of a wait for drinks.

And if you still want to see more Halloween costumed shenanigans, go to the boards under “General Horror” and click on Graveyard a Go-Go thread, precisely here, if the link works. You’ll find some amusing pics, including shots of the magic show, zombie burlesque, costume contest and bunch of performers using grinders and metal plates strapped to themselves to shoot sparks all over the place. Also look for the most excellent pics of the Pee-Wee and Jombi costumes.

Lastly, tonight on the main street by our place, a raccon with a limp was cruising around the sidewalk checking out the curbside garbage and paying very little attention to traffic and passersby. There's also a restaurant downtown where a family of 'em grew up and every night after dark they go down to the patio and root through the garbage cans while the beer drinkers look on. They work together – one hold the lid while another one dives for leftovers. And, this summer while drinking beer in friend's backyard, they were coming right up to us, running around on the garage roof and playing on the neighbour's porch swing. Soon, I fully expect one on a Vespa to cut me off in traffic, flipping me his little raccoon bird in the process. Fucker.


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