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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rain, apostrophes, droids, hate-pop and Rosa Parks

Well all’s rainy and chilly on the West Toronto front. Although I can’t bitch too much, seeing as we didn’t have to turn on the heat in the apartment until a couple of days ago, and we were even used the air-conditioning the first day or so of October. Work = busy, and with the big mo-fo of a Halloween party coming up next weekend, there will be more interesting post forthcoming.

As for tonight, I ended up getting drunk at one of the few and shitty neighbourhood pubs. The place is an ongoing joke because it’s called, fucking get this: “Shox’s” and, before you marvel at the punctuation complexities of the “x’s” know that their logo has an eight ball for an “o” and two crossed pool sticks (or “stix”) for an “X.” They play the worst ‘90s dance music, despite the place being a pseudo saloon with pool tables and a menu, and I was told I’d have to take off my toque, due to their no toque or bandana rule, which makes no sense, as there’s hardly anyone in their to begin with, much less “gangbangers” and the bartender with the aging rock skullet is infinitely more offensive in the head department. Nevertheless, the designers (Gary and Brett) and I got drunk in that impromptu way that lead to good conversations, bad hangovers at work, and inane blog posts about bar font. Gawd, I miss the Black Dog…

Not much else to report, other than I did a piece for Access, that freebie mag you see outside of HMV and, really nowhere else. I wrote a bit about how the new Star Wars movies suck (yeah, obvious, but I tried to give it a new spin), and it turned out OK, and it was fun. Freelancing in general is much more fun when you don’t have to do it for a living, I’ve found (not that there’s anything wrong with doing it for a living, of course). Anyhow, the link’s here: http://www.accessmag.com/78/jedi.php.

Other than that, I’m still weirded out by the link Collin sent about the Nazi version of the Olsen Twins earlier this week. See, some laughably heinous stupidity at http://www.prussianblue.net/, and read the bizarre interview these little Aryan puppets did with Vice: http://www.viceland.com/issues/v11n10/htdocs/hello.php. Not a lot of groups dress like the Swiss Miss, and like Barney, Green Day and, er, Holocaust revisionism. Gross.

In non-racist news, here’s some poo-etry from yesterday’s Dose. I dedicate it to anyone reading who’s ever had a wildly inappropriate sex fantasy.

“I don’t think he meant to cheap shot me”

Harmless play turns tragic

The technique that makes our ears bleed

An artful solution

When real sex doesn’t do it for you

Remembering Rosa Parks

(Dose, October 26, 2005)


Blogger Dave said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:52 AM

Blogger Dave said...

Christ, I'll learn how to use thing properly eventually.

Anyhow, much shame for the heinous misuse of "their" and other grammatical wedgies in that post. Ker-rist on a crutch.

I blame the beer... and Chris.

1:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Prussian Blue was a feature on Primetime Thursday last week. The story was crazy, scary and kinda funny too, because they're so bizarre. I mean, their grandpa uses a swatiska as his cattle brand

Sean Montgomery

4:00 PM

Anonymous Skrewdriver Rulezzz!!! said...

The one, true God must really love those cattle. In the interview they mention that they play a lot of open mic nights and Renaissance Fairs.
Sweet Zombie Jesus, imagine that!


4:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Fuck, Dave. I just spent 40 minutes on a fricking witty rebuttal to your Star Wars piece only to accidentally close the window and lose every nuanced, edited word. God Damn it.

Ok, I'm not doing it again. It will have to wait for a future conversation. Still, I'll give you a summary:

You are irrationally attached to the first three because you were a stupid kid (hello, I have jedi powers) when actually those movies are pretty bad. The newer ones, on the other hand, aren't confusing (well, AS confusing), have writing at least as good as the bad BAD bad writing in the older ones, and are examples of solid, even good, acting.

Anyways, I'll convince you you're wrong later. I've gotta get to bed.

Lori A

PS...Guess who got knocked up again?! Looks like there will be another meathead running around (well, listlessly drooling, anyway) come July.

Take care.

1:43 AM


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