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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The cats just keep coming!

It's been a while since I checked, but lo and behold, I've found yet another instance of our blog's name out there in the webbosphere, this time popping up in a thread written by idiots about whether or not creationism (or its bullshit-sciencey cousin, intelligent design) should be taught in schools. Apropos:
Now there are different types of the same species. That leads into different types of birds altogether. Evetually genetic mutation will completely change their genome, meaning they can't mate with each other at all. This means that there is a new species. But they could still all the feline (for example, since we see cats everywhere).

Some cats are bigger than others. Some choose to hunt big game, while others choose to catch mice. Those that are better suited for big game are the bigger ones. And if a small cat takes a try at big game, it will either starve to death, or be trampled. Eventually only the big cats remain. Down the road, the bigger cats survive better than the smaller. (hence the Darwin awards.... kill off the weak)
Also, check out that guy's prospector undershirt in the photo. Why couldn't that lion be alive?

And Neal: I hope you're kidding about moving to Saskatchewan. Yee.


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