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Sunday, October 23, 2005

another enchanting evening...

Hey! So Kristine and I actually had a not-very-boring weekend these past two days, and while that may not seem so fascinating to those among us who, say, live in big cities where things happen and all their friends are, it was big news to us. After spending the last two late evenings putting grade-two swear words on the same garage door with hockey tape (the photos of the second evening should be going up right away), Kristine and I took a breather from our own juvenile retardation and checked out the controller.controller show at the Victory Lounge (it turns out, by the way, that one of the guitarists for said band is an ex-Gateway kid named Colwyn Llewlyn-Thomas, who was a photog during the Jimmy Jeong years and also the goalie for our campus rec team one season. We talked for a bit. It was neat.) following dinner at the Tokyo Noodle House and a rousing dart tournament at the Dog. All in all, rad. And, no doubt, fascinating for you. Anyhow, here are some more shitty phone pictures. Are you hot for it?

Though Kristine made a valiant comeback from a 3-1 deficit to tie the series, Team Priest Bear (me, right) eventually wore down Team Vampire Cat (her, left) and took home the seven-game 301 series.

A single-panel photo essay by Kristine, offering a rare glimpse of some of the famously retarded graffiti in the Dog's women's washroom. Enthusiasm for the vagina train, apparently, is not shared by all bar patrons, and particularly not by those who, having no fucking clue what the difference between "your" and "you're" is in the first place, tend to create words that float playfully in between.

Again, no flash, so this photo sucks. But you might just be able to make out the fact that controller.controller's drummer is wearing a orange kitty-face bellaclava, complete with little cat ears on the top. And a sparkly cat-themed T-shirt. All considered, a bold look.


Anonymous Kenny said...

HAHA! Priest bear, Chris, that's rich! Yeah, I reallize this comment is over 2 weeks late, but whatev. That is a cool uniform that drummer has. Nothing will match Nardwar and the Evaporators though. That was the bomb. Later, masturbater.

10:29 PM


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