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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Flowers: nature's unfunny clowns

Well, once again, let's all give Superdude a round of applause for his poignant observations on the very nature of man himself. Thanks for the broken source code for a poll on some Halifax bar, good sir! We are richer having tried to make sense of it.

Meanwhile, in awesome news, Kristine and I went to the Muttart Conservatory yesterday, since I've never been and soon will never again have the chance, and wouldn't you know it? It's full of pretty things. I took some pictures of flowers. They were colourful. After that, we went out for an awesome dinner at Culina's off 99th Street to cap off the Chris's Last Weekend in Edmonton With His Girlfriend festivities, then watched Ong Bak. And that's where this story gets interesting!

Just kidding. That was it. Pictures, anyone?


Blogger Dave said...

Muttart and Ong-bak?

Not a lot of dates begin with passionflowers and end with knee-drops.


11:17 PM

Anonymous collin said...

Wow, Edmonton seems to have evolved into a tropical paradise. Maybe oil can solve anything.

12:40 PM

Blogger enthrall said...

Culina's rocks. Did it live up to my "best in the city" call?

Hope you had a safe move. Good luck, mistah Booty. I'm still using you as a reference, just to let you know.

12:59 PM


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