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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Forecast: 100% Chance of Coconut

With work, hockey playoffs and moving, I've been a little too busy to post, but here's a shot from last night's birthdaypalooza at a niftly l'il bar called the Crooked Star. Lots of friends, fun and vodka; thanks very much to everyone who came out. Above is a pic of what happens when someone (specifically Ladysir, as seen in photo) makes amazing cupcakes with coconut sprinkles on them, and then when said cupcakes are done and a hearty pile of coconut shards remain, a certain drunken fool decides to pretend its "snowing." Thanks to Chris! for capturing the tragic, er, magic. To quote zen master Weird Al Yankovic: "Dare to be stupid."

Also, I'm glad those cupcakes weren't topped with thumbtacks.


Blogger Alana said...

I stepped on a thumbtack! ow!

2:34 PM


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