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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Busy Weekend!

Hot dog phone just won't stop ringing.

It's Chris and Mike on speaker-pint.

Apparently some old guy's giving them the stink-eye.

I turn on the video-foam feature and from the bottom of the glass I calm them with a hypnotic stare.

This tube-steak tech is not making my life any easier.

*Thanks to Ladysir for the pics


Anonymous Steve-Dave said...

now that's a blog post.

2:38 PM

Anonymous d@rk cloud said...

you suck

5:04 PM

Blogger mike w said...

>you suck

It's true! Run for the hills!

11:30 PM

Blogger Superdude said...


11:37 PM

Blogger Dave said...

>you suck

That's it, you're off my speed dial!

Also, if you Google "D@rk Cloud" you get two things: a post on a Linkin Park message board, and some 17-year-old kid's amazing My Space page. Check it out, anime fans!


8:43 AM

Anonymous d@rk cloud said...

You disappear dude!!!

8:27 PM

Blogger Superdude said...

He disappears? What do you mean? He's invisible now?
I wish I disappeared. That would be cool.

8:26 AM

Blogger Superdude said...

Also, dragonball Z Rulz.

8:36 AM

Blogger Dave said...

> You disappear dude!!!

On the advice/command/magic spell of d@rk cloud, I have indeed decided to disappear. From now on, please forward my mail to the milk industry, as they will be putting my errant mug on their cartons.


12:52 AM


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