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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Idiotic Buzzword of the Day: Mancation

This just in: according to CNN, "Getaways with the guys, or mancations are hot"
An exerpt:

"Dozens of other places are getting into the mancation act, too.

"At the Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, the "Dudes on the Dunes" package includes a round of golf and an in-room poker game with snacks and beer from $625 per person for two nights. The Marquis Los Cabos Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, includes surfing lessons, golf, poker, cigars, beer, chips and guacamole in its man-themed package from $490 a night. And the Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is offering "The Fishing Emanation," which includes a fishing expedition and a chef to cook the catch of the day starting at $725 per person.

"An 'Urban Dictionary' definition for mancation describes it as men engaging in masculine activities such as sports, camping, gambling, chasing women and drinking, without the presence of wives, mistresses or girlfriends. Vince Vaughn helped popularize the term in this summer's romantic comedy 'The Break-Up.'"

The "mancation act"? Is that like an emancipation act?
The homoerotic undertones are way to funny. Personal chefs? "Guacamole" as a selling point? "Dudes on the Dunes package"! Someone needs to pitch a story on the similarities between a mancation and a gaycation. I imagine the packages are quite similar, it's just, y'know, where they go that's different.
Gotta love when the media helps culture reverse-engineer meaning -- think of a catchy name, then invent whatever it stands for. Here's one off the top of the head: the "Forgetaway", a vacation package for alzheimers suffers -- and the best part is they never have to change the itinerary. Or maybe "forgetaway" is a better term for college girls whio can't remember sping break because of the roofies. This is clearly reason enough to write a CNN exposé.
In celebration of this idiocy, I invite you all to work mancation into a casual sentence. I'll start: "Gordon just got back from Boca Raton, and boy did he get one helluva sunburn on his mancation."
C'mon, help make "mancation" the latest... mansation.


Anonymous gay_watcher said...

Gaycation is a party with some gay dudes hanging out?

8:44 PM


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