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Monday, April 30, 2007

Quit Your Jibber-Jabber! You Ain't Hurt!

I love this for three reasons:

1) I was a ridiculous A-Team freak as a child, to the point where not only did I get every piece of A-Team merchandise I could lay my plastic crap-luvin' hands on, I actually put on my A-Team sweatshirt and a camouflage hat, and grabbed a toy guy when I watched the show, shooting at the bad guys on the screen. If you’ve ever watched that violent bastion of ‘80s network television, you’ll know that my toy gun was no less effective on the bad guys than the “real” guns on the show. No matter how many explosives were used to take out a watchtower, and no matter how tall that watchtower was, the baddies inside it always managed to get ejected out with minor injuries.

Good to see you in your rightful outfit again, Señor T.

2) It pretty much sums up my feelings about soccer: wuss magnet.

3) The only thing funnier than someone getting hit in the head, is someone getting hit in the head with a food product… by Mr. T.


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