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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy times are here!

Or they're somewhere, I bet. New post at Ozanada! Less clutter here!


Blogger Superdude said...

I miss reading funny Boutet articles.

9:50 PM

Blogger Dave said...

No shit.

And the latest Ozanada post is hilarious, by the way. Must be tough coming home from a hard day's work, reeking of ottomans and the broken dreams of townies.

10:40 PM

Anonymous collin said...

Give me a call about that Vulcan Advocate job. It's in my chain. Not that I really have any inside dope. And it's a couple hours away. Also, as the winds of fortune blow, the MH News is hiring an entertainment reporter to cover Kaylan Porter's comings and goings. The Stampede lineup was just announced: Emmerson Drive, Tracy Lawrence, and Kansas.

10:17 AM


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