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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hey all! Haven't had that much to say lately, as the Oilers have pretty much been my entire "thing" for seemingly forever. But as you can see from the photo, the playoff beard is gone now (click here for a chronology of its gradual demise), and I'm again free to pursue more human endeavours, like cleaning up the three weeks' worth of dishes and old newspaper that make up the accumulated detritus of my unemployment.

Or should I say, former unemployment! Yep, it seems I managed to land myself a part-time copyediting position with the National Post in their sports department, of all places. The pay is okay; right now I'm just trying to gather together a nest egg to carry me through to September, but there's a chance that they could take me on on a contract if things look like they're working out. So far, they're pretty shorthanded, so the pace is pretty hectic and the job fairly involved — it's way more layout-oriented than I thought it would be — but whatevers. It's great just to be working again. It may not be my dream job, but IMAGINE THAT, it's hard for someone my age to find steady, supportable journalism work, even in Toronto.

If only there was some kind of "youth-oriented" paper on the market that was dedicated to employing interesting and career-minded young journalists at a livable wage... ah, well.

So yeah. THAT'S IT!


Anonymous eun said...

I find it funny how the definition of "copy editor" has changed so much in the past couple of decades. Every paper/mag seems to have a different idea of what a copy editor does, with the whole copy-editor-as-layout-dude thing being a relatively recent development.

So, Mr. Post: Did you see me in your paper on Monday? I even got a teaser on the cover! Awesome! It's easy to get blasé about bylines in this business, but seeing my piece (and name) in the Post was a moment I'll never forget.

5:11 AM

Anonymous eun said...

Also, here:


10:20 AM

Anonymous Steve-Dave said...

ahh someone beat me to the freddie mercury joke...

1:45 PM

Blogger Superdude said...

Some kind of wonderful. I want to work in a newspaper again. ALso, the proudest progression of facial hair fantasticus in the history of digital bathroom photography. A sentence fragment.

4:28 PM


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