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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My little brother: three years younger, ten times more badass.

After testing the waters a little over a year ago with a muted, single-colour tattoo of a truck on one of his forearms, my brother Nick has clearly to dived headfirst into the world of skin art, making his second foray to the tattoo parlour a big one with this pretty amazing four-colour leg sleeve. Obviously, he's got a few more colour sessions ahead of him, but it's looking pretty rad — not to mention tough. I felt like I had to write "FUCK" on my knuckles with a Sharpie or something just so I looked like less of a pussy standing next to him.


Anonymous Kenny Crammit said...

Oh yeah? Well I got a 4 color head sleeve over christmas time. So there.

2:29 PM

Anonymous Steve-Dave said...

Where'd he get it done? it's a great piece. looks like Craig Driscoll did it.

5:41 PM

Blogger Superdude said...

I drew Dragonball-Z on my back with a vanity mirror and a set of smelly markers. Needless to say, everyone at the waterpark was impressed.

6:57 AM


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