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Sunday, August 28, 2005

fuck, get off our backs, Steve-Dave...

Sup, homos? Sorry about the deafening silence that has dominated this blog for the past couple weeks, but you know. Shit's been happening. Which is normally a good thing for a blogger, but it just so happens that said shit has been mostly too boring to write anything about.

In my life, there's no new news on the nerve-damage front, as both my doctor and I haven't really bothered to set up that MRI yet--although I have also noticed that I'm starting to lose a little vision in my right eye over the past couple of weeks; it's nothing big, just kind of like that ghostly distortion you get after you stare at a light for too long and let the purple die down. I'm sure the two things are unrelated (well, that's pretty obvious, actually), and it may have something to do with an irregularity the optometrist found in my right eye back in January when I got my new glasses (the little cup thing where your optic nerve is was a little bigger than it should be; who knows what that means). But anyhow, that means I've got to book yet another fucking appointment this week for yet another totally crazy and unexpected thing that's going wrong. It's like I'm falling apart all at once over here. Pretty rad.

But yeah, other than that, things have pretty much been business as usual at work--which is why Kristine and I just got back an hour ago from a little three-day mini-vacation in Kelowna to get me the fuck out of the office before I start weeping openly in front of my peers. Not that they expect anything better from me, really, but you know. Dignity's important, kind of.

Anyhow, Kelowna was hot and sunny, as always; we spent some time at the beach, drove around to a few wineries in Naramata--it was fun, but that's really all there is to do there for us. Since Kristine's parents' condo is so far out of town, we have to drive all the time, which means we can go out for dinner all we want, but going to the bar for a drink after is pretty much shot (not that we'd know where to go for a drink anyhow, seeing as we've never done it before and all the bars we walk by are low-rent imitations of either the Commercial Hotel of Fargos variety). But whatever; we go there to relax, and there was a whole lot of that. Plus we got to watch that fire in Rose Valley burning in the distance late last night, which was pretty neat. I can say that because no one died. I think. Tried to take a picture, but my phone cam is a dad-humping piece of poo.

Alright, so there's the short of it. I'm writing a lot these days, but I should really be making more time for this--and I especially will if I can figure out how to host mp3s on here. Right. In conclusion, fuck all y'all. I mean, goodnight.