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Friday, September 29, 2006

A week of Garfield, every week, until we die.

I was drunkenly slurring about this site a couple weekends back, and I meant to link to it earlier, but the guy took a couple weeks off and get back to posting until a a couple days ago. But at any rate, I implore you all to check out my latest (and admittedly obvious) obsession, Garfield: Permanent Monday, a rather brilliant blog that deigns to take a sober, critical look at everyone's favourite fondly-remembered-but-rarely-enjoyed comic strip. And if you're still horny for comic reviews, check out The Comics Curmudgeon if you haven't already. Worth visiting daily.

And finally, you'll now find a long overdue link to Christie's blog, Not That Kind of Jersey Girl, in the sidebar, so we can all keep tabs on her BBC-related misadventures on the remote, xenophobic, cow-infested pseudo-British island of Jersey.